Zombodze Apostolic Faith Church(Phans'eMdzimba)

Zombodze Apostolic Faith Church(Phans'eMdzimba)



27 Apr 2024
Mr. & Mrs. Nkambule

Mr. & Mrs. Nkambule

Khonelinkhosi & Nakiwe's Wedding Ceremony

Khonelinkhosi Nkambule & Nakiwe Tsabedze say "I do"

Date: 27 April 2024

Venue: Mcozini High School, Time: 10AM

You can find photos and highlights on the following link: Khoni & Nakiwe's Wedding

25 Apr 2024

Showers of Blessing

The Apostolic Faith Church (Bournemouth) started publishing a magazine in January 1910, entitled “Showers of Blessing”.  It has been in continuous weekly publication since then, in various formats, although they moved to fortnightly publication in December 2018.  Its current format is two sides of A4 paper.  Some people are sent a hardcopy through the post but most now receive it via e-mail.

The Showers of Blessing may contain teachings, news or the Spoken Word (given through a member with the gift of prophecy).

Showers of Blessing No. 5476 (Click below to view the document)

The Word Made Flesh Date: 25/04/2024

Showers of Blessing No. 5477 (Click below to view the document)

Every Eye Shall See (Discern) Him Date: 02/05/2024

Showers of Blessing No. 5478 (Click below to view the document)

Growing In The Grace and Knowledge of God Date: 09/05/2024

Showers of Blessing No. 5479 (Click below to view the document)

•The Saving Grace Of God Through Jesus Christ Date: 16/05/2024

14 Apr 2024
Mancoba and Joy's Love Story

Mancoba and Joy's Love Story

Mancoba and Joy's Engagement Celebration

14 April 2024 at Life Restoration in Ngwane Park ka Shali in the Manzini Region. View video here & photos here

9 Apr 2024
Zombodze AFC Media(Est. 2024)

Zombodze AFC Media(Est. 2024)

Zombodze AFC Media

Zombodze AFC Media aims to make use of a computer or any other input devices to present and combine text, graphics, audio, and video with links and tools that let users to navigate, interact, create, and communicate.

Zombodze AFC Media will be responsible for:
[ 1 ] the creation and maintenance of Zombodze AFC website
[ 2 ] Audio, graphics, text and video recording.
[ 3 ] IT equipment maintenance e.g projector, sound system, security cameras, computers and recording equipment.
[ 4 ] Social media maintenance including Zombodze AFC facebook page, YouTube page, the website and also be responsible for managing the Zombodze AFC email(zombodzeafc@gmail.com)

The Need for a Media Section

Most Zombodze AFC members were not able to attend Rev. DT Ndlela's ordination ceremony and there were no formal streams of communication available to view the ceremony remotely hence the suggesion of a Media group emerged.

Zombodze AFC Media Setup

Zombodze AFC Media will include and involve the youth of Zombodze Apostolic Faith Church. The youth will be in charge of all the responsibilities mentioned on one of the above paragraphs. Zombodze AFC Media will have five(5) members in total, members will change every two(2) years to give a chance to other youth members who might be interested in the works of the multimedia group.

What is the role of a media team in a church?

Media team's goal is to enable the church's message to reach a broader audience beyond the church doors. The media team is also responsible for creating, curating, and distributing content across various media platforms (social media, podcasts, live streams, websites, etc)

Impact on the youth

Zombodze AFC Media aims to have a positive impact on the youth in that the youth will feel much involved in the daily operations of the media team. The skills that would be gained through training will assist to shape goals and dreams towards their careers. Zombodze AFC Media also aims to display a positive church's image and to distribute or spread the Word of God to people who might not have a chance to attend church, in that way, the youth will be evangelizing throught their involvement in the media team.

Blog by: Zombodze AFC Media(Est. 2024)